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The First Edition has first edition books, second hand books and used books for sale. Books for sale include

Antiquarian Books

Antiquarian Children’s Books

Children’s Illustrated Books

Modern First Edition Books

Illustrated Books

Americana Books

Signed Books and Autographs

The Quick Guide shows you the wide range of categories of books that The First Edition has for sale.

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Antiquarian Books

Antiquarian Books for sale includes George Cruickshank The Comic Almanack First and Second Series 1896 and 1901, Bart Kennedy Slavery Pictures From the Depths First Edition 1905, William Makepeace Thackeray The Newcomes 2 Volume First Edition 1854 and 1855, and William Makepeace Thackeray The Roundabout Papers US First Edition 1863.

Antiquarian Children’s Books

Antiquarian Children’s Books for sale includes Oliver Goldsmith The Vicar of Wakefield 1889, Andrew Lang Princes and Princesses First Edition 1908, William Heath Robinson More Monarchs of Merry England circa 1903, William Heath Robinson Monarchs of Merrie England First Edition 1908, and Charles Robinson The Saint’s Garden First Edition 1927.

Children’s Illustrated Books

The Classic Children’s Illustrated Books for sale include Charles Lamb Tales From Shakespeare circa 1914, John Bunyan The Pilgrim’s Progress circa 1916, T.W. Rolleston Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race Second Revised Edition 1916, Louisa M. Alcott Little Women circa 1922, Warwick Goble The Fairy Book Second Edition 1923, Louey Chisholm The Golden Staircase 1928, Walter de la Mare Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe Signed Limited Edition 1930, David Garnett Pocahontas First Edition 1933, Bonzo Annual 1949, Thomas the Tank book Gordon the Big Engine First Edition third impression 1958, Thomas the Tank book Duck and the Diesel Engine First Edition first imp. 1958, Thomas the Tank book The Twin Engines First Edition 1960, Thomas the Tank book Enterprising Engines First Edition first imp. 1968, Thomas the Tank book Oliver the Western Engine First Edition first imp. 1969, Thomas the Tank book Tramway Engines First Paperback Edition 1976, Thomas the Tank book James the Red Engine, Thomas the Tank Shapes and Sizes signed book 1991, Charles Kingsley The Water Babies illustrated by Harold Jones First Edition 1961, and Dr Seuss Sleep Book US First Edition 1962

Modern First Edition Books

Modern First Edition Books for sale includes Arthur Conan Doyle The Lost World First Edition 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs The Son of Tarzan 1917, Harold Robbins The Dream Merchants Signed U.S. First Edition Book 1949, John Le Carré Absolute Friends Signed First Edition Book 2004, J.R.R. Tolkien The Silmarillion First Edition 1977, Humphrey Carpenter The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien First Edition Book 1981, and Colin Dexter The Wench Is Dead Signed First Edition Book 1989 with Signed Book Signing Invitation Card.

Illustrated Books

Illustrated Books for sale include Arthur Rackham The Ingoldsby Legends 1905, Willy Pogany Tannhӓuser signed limited edition 1911 in original gilt decorated suede leather binding, Willy Pogany The Tale of Lohengrin first edition 1913, Edmund Dulac’s Picture Book for the French Red Cross first edition 1915 with rare dust jacket, Edmund Dulac The Dreamer of Dreams first edition 1915, Edmund Dulac Tanglewood Tales first edition 1918, Willy Pogany Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 1919, Edmund Dulac My Days with the Fairies 1920, Arthur Rackham A Dish of Apples first edition 1921, Edmund Dulac The Sleeping Beauty circa 1927, Arthur Rackham The Vicar of Wakefield first U.S. Edition in the original publisher’s box, Arthur Rackham Peer Gynt first edition 1936, Arthur Rackham The Ring of the Niblung first edition 1939, Arthur Rackham Mother Goose 1971, and Arthur Rackham The Sleeping Beauty 1974

Americana Books

Americana Books for sale includes William Hancock An Emigrant’s Five Years in the Free States of America First Edition 1860, Joel Chandler Harris The Story of Aaron US First Edition 1896, Joel Chandler Harris Aaron in the Wildwoods US First Edition 1897, Harry Houdini The Right Way To Do Wrong US First Edition 1906, Anne Morrow Lindbergh The Steep Ascent US First Edition 1944, Anne Morrow Lindbergh The Unicorn and Other Poems US First Edition Fourth Impression 1956, Charles Lindbergh The Wartime Journals of Charles A Lindbergh US First Edition 1970, Walter S. Ross The Last Hero 1976, Brendan Gill Lindbergh Alone US First Edition 1977, Charles A Lindbergh An American Life US First Edition 1977, and Charles Lindbergh An Autobiography of Values US First Edition 1978

Signed Books & Autographs

Signed Books and Autographs for sale from The First Edition includes William Hancock An Emigrants Five Years in the Free States of America 1860, Walter Ross Charles A. Lindbergh The Last Hero 1976, Charles Dickens Mr Pickwick signed limited edition 1910, Mary Angela Dickens Children’s Stories From Dickens signed limited edition 1911, Willy Pogany Tannhӓuser signed limited edition 1911, Edgar Browne Phiz and Dickens signed limited edition 1913, Kenneth Grahame The Golden Age signed limited edition 1928, Walter de la Mare Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe signed limited edition 1930, H.G. Wells You Can’t Be Too Careful signed 1941, Harold Robbins The Dream Merchants signed U.S. First Edition 1949, Leslie Charteris Vendetta For The Saint signed 1965, Leslie Charteris The Saint and the People Importers 1971 signed, Leslie Charteris Catch The Saint 1980 signed, Colin Dexter The Wench is Dead signed first edition 1989, John le Carré Absolute Friends signed first edition 2003, and a Roger Moore Signed Photograph as James Bond.

Specialist Book Categories

Charles Dickens Books

Charles Dickens Books for sale include Nicholas Nickleby First Edition in Book Form 1839, Charles Dickens Christmas Stories Household Words Extra Christmas Number 1868, The Mystery of Edwin Drood First Edition in Book Form 1870, Mr Pickwick the Pages From the Pickwick Papers Illustrated and Signed by Frank Reynolds 1910, Children’s Stories From Dickens Signed Limited Edition 1911, The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain Pears Edition circa 1912, and Phiz and Dickens Signed Limited Edition 1913

Rudyard Kipling Books

Rudyard Kipling Books for sale includes In Black and White Indian Railway Library Number 3 1888, Under the Deodars Indian Railway Library Number 4 1888, The Naulakha First Edition 1892, The Seven Seas First Edition 1896, Abaft The Funnel U.S. First Authorised Edition 1909, and Land and Sea Tales First Edition 1923.

Alfred Lord Tennyson Books

Alfred Lord Tennyson Books for sale includes Alfred Lord Tennyson The Holy Grail and Other Poems First Edition 1870, Alfred Lord Tennyson Harold A Drama First Edition 1877, Ballads and Other Poems, Alfred Lord Tennyson The Cup and the Falcon First Edition 1844.

Mark Twain Books

Mark Twain Books for sale includes Mark Twain A Tramp Abroad 2 Volume Second Edition 1880, Mark Twain The Stolen White Elephant First Edition 1882, Mark Twain A Double Barrelled Detective Story First Edition 1902, and Mark Twain 1601 Limited Edition 1936.

Kate Greenaway Books

Kate Greenaway Books for sale includes Kate Greenaway Under the Window First Edition 1878, Kate Greenaway A Day in a Child’s Life First Edition Fourth issue 1882, and Kate Greenaway Almanack for 1884.

Randolph Caldecott Books

Randolph Caldecott Books for sale includes Randolph Caldecott Some Aesop’s Fables First Edition 1883, Randolph Caldecott A Sketch-Book of R. Caldecott circa 1883, Randolph Caldecott The Panjandrum Picture Book circa 1885, More Graphic Pictures by Randolph Caldecott circa 1887, Randolph Caldecott Picture Book Volume 1 circa 1910, Randolph Caldecott The Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book circa 1910.

Louis Wain Books

Louis Wain Books For SaleLouis Wain Books for sale include Louis Wain The Monkey That Would Not Kill First Edition 1898, Louis Wain My Funny Animal Book circa 1904, Louis Wain The Marvellous Story of Puss in Boots circa 1904, Our Darlings circa 1914, and The School Girl’s Stories Annual circa 1915.

Mabel Lucie Attwell Books

Mabel Lucie Attwell Books For SaleMabel Lucie Attwell Books for sale include Mabel Lucie Attwell Fairy Tales First Edition circa 1911, Mabel Lucie Attwell Little Red Riding Hood circa 1915, Mabel Lucie Attwell Little Red Riding Hood circa 1915 (alternative version), Mabel Lucie Attwell’s Annual 1974.

J.M. Barrie Books

J.M. Barrie Books for sale includes Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens circa 1910, and J.M. Barrie Courage Address May 3rd 1922.

Wizard of Oz Books

Wizard of Oz Books For SaleWizard of Oz Books for sale include Ruth Plumly Thompson The Purple Prince of Oz First Edition 1932, and Jack Snow The Magical Mimics in Oz First Edition 1946.

Kenneth Grahame Books

Kenneth Grahame Books For SaleKenneth Grahame Books for sale include The Golden Age New Edition 1904, Kenneth Grahame The Golden Age US Edition 1904, Kenneth Grahame The Wind in the Willows Sixth Edition 1911, and Kenneth Grahame The Golden Age Signed Limited Edition 1928.

A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh Books

A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh Books for sale includes When We Were Very Young tenth edition 1925, Now We Are Six second edition 1927, Songs From Now We Are Six first edition 1927, and More Very Young Songs first edition 1928

Arthur Ransome Books

Arthur Ransome Books For SaleArthur Ransome Books for sale include Arthur Ransome Swallowdale First Edition Seventh Impression 1937, Arthur Ransome Peter Duck First Edition Eighth Impression 1937, Arthur Ransome Winter Holiday First Edition Fourth Impression 1936, Arthur Ransome Coot Club First Edition Second Impression 1934, Arthur Ransome Pigeon Post First Edition Fourth Impression 1937, and Arthur Ransome The Picts and the Martyrs First Edition First Impression 1946.

W.E. Johns & Biggles Books

Biggles Books and W.E. Johns Books for sale include Biggles On the Spot in the Modern Boys Book of Adventure Stories 1936, The Biggles Omnibus 1939, Samson of Patagonia in Boy’s Own Paper 1942, Adventure of the Luminous Lilly in Boy’s Own Paper 1943, Secret Weapon in Boy’s Own Paper 1944, Biggles Gets His Men Special Edition 1951, Biggles Takes the Case First Edition 1952, Biggles Chinese Puzzle First Edition 1955, Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy First Edition 1961, Biggles and the Missing Millionaire First Edition 1961, and Biggles Bumper Book First Edition 1983. There are other non-Biggles books by W.E. Johns for sale that includes Gimlet’s Oriental Quest First Edition 1948, Gimlet Lends a Hand First Edition 1949, The Passing Show First Edition 1937, Kings of Space First Edition 1954, The Edge of Beyond First Edition 1958, and The Death Rays of Ardilla First Edition 1959.

Enid Blyton Books

Enid Blyton Books for sale includes Boys’ and Girls Story Book First Edition 1935, Polly the Piglet First Edition 1944, Happy Story Book First Edition Second Impression 1949, Tuck’s Annual For Boys and Girls 1949, Rumble and Chuff First Edition 1958, and Bom Goes to Ho Ho Village First Edition 1958.

Lewis Carroll Books

Lewis Carroll Books for sale include Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass Second Edition 1880, Stuart Dodgson Collingwood The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll First Edition Second Issue circa 1899, Stuart Dodgson Collingwood The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll circa 1900, Florence Becker Lennon Lewis Carroll First Edition 1947, Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There People’s Edition 1962, James Playsted Wood The Snark Was a Boojum First Edition 1966, John Pudney Lewis Carroll and His World First Edition 1976, and Thomas Hinde Looking Glass Letters First Edition 1991.

Agatha Christie Books

Agatha Christie Books for sale to include The Floating Admiral First Edition 1931, The Hound of Death First Edition 1933, The Secret of Chimneys 1941, The Moving Finger First Edition 1943, Death Comes as the End First Edition Third Impression 1947, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans First Edition Ninth Impression 1950, A Pocket Full of Rye First Edition 1953, After the Funeral First Edition 1953, Destination Unknown First Edition 1954, The Mirror Cracked From Side to Side First Edition 1962, The Clocks First Edition 1962, At Bertram’s Hotel First Edition 1965, Endless Night Uncorrected Proof 1967, By The Pricking of My Thumbs First Edition 1968, Halloween Party First Edition 1969, and Passenger To Frankfurt First Edition Early Issue 1970.

Leslie Charteris Books

Leslie Charteris Books for sale includes: The Last Hero circa 1930, Ace of Knaves First Edition 1937, She Was a Lady circa 1938, Call For The Saint First Edition 1948, Vendetta For The Saint 1965 Signed by Leslie Charteris, The Saint and the People Importers 1971 Signed by Leslie Charteris, Catch The Saint 1980 Signed by Leslie Charteris.

Ian Fleming Books

Ian Fleming James Bond Books for sale includes: Ian Fleming The Man With The Golden Gun First Edition 1965, The James Bond Annual 1965, Ian Fleming Octopussy and The Living Daylights 1966 First Edition, and a Roger Moore Signed Photo as James Bond.

Frederick Forsyth Books

Frederick Forsyth Books for sale, includes: Frederick Forsyth The Odessa File First Edition 1972, Frederick Forsyth The Dogs of War First Edition third impression 1974, Frederick Forsyth The Devil’s Alternative Proof Copy 1979, Frederick Forsyth The Fourth Protocol First Edition second impression 1982,  Frederick Forsyth No Comebacks First Edition 1982, Frederick Forsyth The Negotiator First Edition 1989, Frederick Forsyth The Deceiver First Edition 1991, and Frederick Forsyth Icon First Edition 1996.

H.G. Wells Books

H.G. Wells Books for sale includes: H.G. Wells New Worlds For Old First Edition 1908, H.G. Wells The New Machiavelli First Edition 1911, H.G. Wells War and the Future First Edition 1917, H.G. Wells The Invisible Man serialised in Amazing Stories magazine 1928, H.G. Wells The Way The World Is Going First Edition 1928, H.G. Wells The King Who Was A King First Edition 1929, and H.G. Wells You Can’t Be Too Careful 1941 First Edition second impression signed by H.G. Wells.

P.G. Wodehouse Books

P.G. Wodehouse Books for sale includes The Intrusion of Jimmy Early US Edition circa 1919, Meet Mr Mulliner First Edition Fifth Printing circa 1935, Young Men in Spats First Edition 1936, The Small Bachelor Eleventh Edition 1941, and Plum Pie First Edition 1966.

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